Thornton is an amazing boy! He truly shines when it comes to representing the true breed standard of a golden retriever. He came to us from Europe and has won several dog shows, earning him his own champion title in show, best of breed, and youth class winner as well as winning his adult title. Many comments judges made were "great top line, good moving, perfect structure, harmonious back, excellent bite and great standing". He comes from great genetics as well. His mother is and international champion in Europe as well as his Father winning his own titles. Both lines are very solid healthy lines and have been health tested for several generations. We feel very fortunate to be able to have "Thornton" a part of our breeding program. His disposition is just as impressive. He loves to be part of the family, loves kids and has a wonderful personality for therapy and service work. He loves people and is very keen to their needs. We are very grateful to have him as a part of our family.


ICT Clear

A-A Hips

0-0 Elbows

Eye Cleared (2018)

Heart Cleared

PRA1- Clear

PRA2- Clear

prcd-PRA- Clear

DM- Clear

MD- Clear

NCL-GR: Clear

DNA Certified


Stud Fee: $2000

Delivery Fee: $50

Collection of fresh Semen: $250


Shipping Fresh Semen: $50-$100

(Depending on location)


White labs in Wagon
DSC_0889 (2)
White labs in Wagon
DSC_0889 (2)
White labs in Wagon
DSC_0889 (2)
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