Sevier River Retrievers

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KJ's Master Shed Hunter

Call Name "Jake"

Jake is truly man's best friend! We were searching for just the right bloodline that would continually produce the best labs around. After having a couple litters out of Murdocks Wild Goose Chase, we knew we had found the right one. We ended up purchasing one of his sons, which you all know as KJ's Master Shed Hunter - Call name "Jake". He has the traits everyone is looking for in a Labrador Retriever, from a blocky head to a powerful, muscular build. He has the most loveable and loyal temperment, and we are so greatful he is a part of our family!

KJ's Max-A-Million

Call Name "Max"

Max is one of a kind! From the moment we first saw him, we knew we had to bring him home. He has such a gentle, loving heart, and is sure to melt yours. He has matured into one of the most beautiful Golden Retrievers you have ever seen! From his long, thick, light golden coat, to his deep chocolate colored eyes, his genetics are everything you are looking for.


KJ's Dark Shadow

Call Name "Shadow"

Shadow was a born hunter. Our son Kyler got her when he was 11 years old. Between him working day in and day out to train her, along with her natural instinct, she has become an amazing bird hunter! She constantly has her nose to the ground, and goes crazy if anything is flying over head

KJ's Top Dollar

Call Name "Sarah"

We joke around that Sarah is part Greyhound! She can run circles around any dog out there, and doesn't walk up and down steps, but would rather leap 5-6 stairs at a time. She is always looking for an adventure, and has a unlimited supply of energy. Whether it's hunting, or a friendly game of fetch, she is always the first one there.

KJ's Snow White Sadie

Call Name "Sadie"

Sadie is truly the most tender-hearted dog we have ever had! When she looks at you with those genuine "puppy dog eyes", you can't help but love her. She is so soft and gentle in everything she does. Golden Retrievers have such an amazing temperament, and Sadie is a true example of that.

KJ's Golden Summer

Call Name "Summer"

KJ's Bon-Jovie

Call Name "Jovie"

KJ's Rambunctious Remmi

Call Name "Remmi"


Call Name "Tilda"

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